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無料でここまでできる!ノルウェー語学習サイトのご紹介 Norsk free learning


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Norwegian on the web です。


このサイトは、Norwegian university of scienceが無料で提供しているもので、












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1, Kenからスタート。まず本文を読みます。



2, Vocabularyのタブを選択し、新しい単語を発音と一緒に覚えます。




3, 英語の訳を確認して、自分の思っていた訳が合っているか確認します。


4, 声に出して読む練習をしましょう。

モデル音声を良く聞いて、自分の声の録音と比較し、修正する というプロセスを繰り返すのがおすすめです。


5, 補足のページがあるので(Englishの下のタブ)、こちらも見ておきましょう。

6, グラマーのタブを開いて、文法を確認。

7, Kenに戻って、問題を解いてみましょう。










Free Norwegian learning website

Norwegian on the web

In this website, you can learn the basic level Norwegian.

All contents offer free.

You can finish all chapter in a month if you study 1 chapter in 2 days.

The level of Norwegian in this website is enough to do part-time job and daily conversation.


Guide to NoW

NoW has 10 chapters, each one focusing on a few specific themes,

with some variations and extensions in each text.

This way, there will be some new elements and some repetition in all the texts.

All chapters have the same structure.

The four topmost menu items lead to texts about Ken, Anna, Maria and Peter.

The chapters 7 to 10 have only two different texts.


Recommended work approach

09e3f1f0-2479-40ce-892a-c179aab63adb?t=1432190449274 無料でここまでできる!ノルウェー語学習サイトのご紹介 Norsk free learning

  1. Start at the top with Ken, read the text.
  2. Select Vocabulary, learn the new words (see Vocabulary).
  3. Listen to the sound track as you read the text. You can also record your own voice and compare it to the original track.
  4. The last sub menu item gives you some extra material (e.g. Numerals). Study this material.
  5. Read the Grammar for the explanations you will need in the exercises.
  6. Now go back to Ken and do the exercises in the blue frame at the bottom right under the picture.

Once you have completed these steps, you can proceed to Anna. Work here in just the same way, before proceeding to Maria and Peter.

Use the Pronunciation and Listening exercises pages to improve your oral skils.

Prior to moving on to the next chapter, you may want to check that you have learnt what you are supposed to.

On the Exercises page, all the chapter’s exercises are collected.

Even if you have already done these before,

it might be worth your while doing them all one more time as a way of repeating.

Furthermore, you should check the Vocabulary page, w

here you’ll find the entire vocabulary for the chapter.

How many of the new words have you learnt?

You ought to know a minimum of 80 % of these before moving on.

On the Extras page you will find, in addition to the extras linked to the texts, lists of useful vocabulary and other kinds of extra stuff.

All of these items are related to what you will learn in the chapter in question,

and offer variation in the learning process.

Now you can move on to the next chapter and continue in the same way.

In addition to the course features offered by NoW,

you will find an external link called Grammar checker at the bottom of the menu for each chapter.

Via an information page, this will take you to an application where you can test the grammatical correctness of freely chosen Norwegian sentences.



Enjoy your study:-)!!


-ノルウェーオスロ暮らし, ノルウェー語




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